In most cases users check out only the features they will get with a given shared website hosting plan and forget something just as critical - the service uptime. As efficient as a plan could be, regular downtimes could lead to lower search engine rankings and lost clients regardless of what the explanation for them is. Naturally, not many people would come back to a website that is unavailable half of the time, not mentioning the misused money when you have invested in an advertising and marketing campaign. This is why, if you purchase a new web hosting package, you should make sure that the service shall be stable and your sites will be online always. This means a boost in traffic, or in case that you have an online store, for instance, higher uptime would mean more satisfied customers.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Shared Website Hosting

Our shared website hosting plans feature a 99.9% service uptime guarantee. We can reach that goal by using a cutting-edge cloud hosting platform where every single service (files, e-mails, databases, and so on.) has its own cluster of web servers. We don't run everything on one machine as most providers do, so we have virtually wiped out the downtime of any service and even in peak times we can balance the load between web servers for the best achievable performance of your web sites. If one web server fails, the other ones inside the cluster will take over in order to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the sites. To avoid infrastructural difficulties, our hosting server facilities use highly effective diesel backup generators as well as several independent Internet providers as to make certain that targeted traffic will be able to reach your internet sites no matter what. We also have a group of expert administrators keeping track of the servers 24/7/365.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We guarantee 99.9% uptime for each semi-dedicated server plan acquired through our company. You can forget about your web site being unavailable for any reason because we employ a top-notch cloud internet hosting platform with a custom-built load balancing system. As opposed to running everything on just a single server and risking one service to take everything down, we have spread the many services among their own groups of web servers. In other words, your files, database, email messages, stats, etc., are addressed by different clusters, so the failure of one machine has no effect on the overall service or on your websites. Multiple backbone Internet providers and diesel powered backup generators ensure that infrastructural problems are not going to affect your web sites either. We also have hardware and software firewalls as well as a qualified team of admins to keep track of the incoming and outgoing traffic and to respond to any kind of software issue 24/7.

Service Uptime Guarantee in VPS Web Hosting

With a virtual private server from our company, you will never need to worry about the uptime or accessibility of your account. Our state-of-the-art data centers have several power supplies, diesel generators and a number of different Internet providers as a way to guarantee that the servers can be reached in the event of any infrastructural failure. We also guarantee that the physical server in which your virtual one will be created is going to be operational a minimum of 99.9% of the time and a group of competent administrators that keep track of the machines 24/7/365 will make sure that we keep our promise. All web servers use brand new, thoroughly tested parts to prevent hardware problems and the hard disk drives work in RAID. We've got software and hardware firewalls to stop DoS attacks against the servers.

Service Uptime Guarantee in Dedicated Servers Hosting

Our dedicated plans feature a 99.9% hosting server and network uptime guarantee and routine maintenance procedures are contained in the other .01% of the time. We test out every single server thoroughly before we hand it over to the customer and we employ new hardware components in order to avoid any prospect of hardware problems. Any unanticipated software problems can be resolved at once by our system admins as they keep track of all of the hosting servers 24/7. To avoid infrastructural problems, our data center facility in the downtown area of Chicago employs powerful diesel backup generators, while the online connectivity to the servers is ensured by redundant fiber lines from various backbone Internet providers. To be on the safe side, we have software and hardware firewalls, so even if your Internet sites are flooded, we can take action immediately and filter the undesired traffic before it reaches your dedicated server and interrupts the proper work of your websites.